A Mothers Group That Has Lasted 60 Years!

In my jobs as a Neonatal RN, talking with mothers in The Gidget Foundation interviews and teaching mothers Baby Massage at Tiny Touch Baby Massage, I always recommend that they attend their local Early Childhood Health Center Mothers Group when their baby is about 6 weeks of age.

There you can meet others with babies the same age as yours and the friendship and support that you can receive from these other mums can last years. It is a very special time as you are all on a new journey and you really need that support!

My 4 daughters are in their 20’s and early 30’s and I am still friends with the mums I met when they were babies and the girls are also still friends with the children they grew up with. Now they are having babies and still gathering. It is generational. When we have a gathering it is huge.

The newspaper article below is about my mother in law (Betty Wilson) in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her mothers group has been going for 60 years! Amazing eh! They are lovely women every one. When we are there for a visit I love going to their coffee mornings. They are such characters. They have supported each other through all the stages of life and their friendship is rich and rewarding.

That is what being part of a mothers group can do so don’t miss out – join one and have the opportunity to make friends for life!


Friendships stand the test of time

Some friendships have a life span, but true friendships last a lifetime. Nothing could be truer for the women of a small card and social circle in New Glasgow. For approximately 60 years – despite some members coming and going through the years – these women have managed to stick together through it all. “We started just the young ones in the neighbourhood,” said Betty Wilson, a longtime member.

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Posted on November 26, 2014 Heather Brimicombe
The Pictou Advocate Newspaper, Nova Scotia, Canada