I’ve moved to Mornington, Victoria!

Now teaching Baby Massage to parents on the Mornington Peninsula.

Finding your baby adventure a challenge? Baby Massage can help!

A new baby is such a blessing, but so much to learn, so much responsibility…

  • Learn how to do baby massage – they will love it, and so will you!

When should I start Baby Massage?

It’s ideal to start doing baby massage soon after birth if possible…

  • if not, start later on. It’s never too late!

It’s even possible to take the training course before baby is born to be ready in advance.

A new baby is such a blessing

Learn to enjoy your baby more!

  • Can you imagine having a settled, content, and thriving baby that sleeps well?
  • Would you like to communicate with your baby and develop a special bond?
  • What do you do when your baby is crying and you’ve done everything you can think of?
  • What if your baby has been diagnosed with special needs?
  • Does Dad sometimes feel left out?

Baby massage is good for all babies – and they love it!

Baby Massage is good for all babies and they love it

Baby massage performed correctly has been clinically shown to have many benefits for babies…

  • increases periods of deep sleep
  • relieves colic, constipation and gas
  • assists with reflux symptoms
  • can be both relaxing and stimulating
  • aids and stimulates digestion
  • strengthens the immune system
  • learn more…

Mums and dads love it, too!

Marilyn has taught 100's of parents baby massage - and they love it too

Baby massage helps parents as well…

  • increases confidence and baby handling
  • enhances parent and baby bonding
  • is a great way for Dad to learn baby skills and participate
  • helps with post-natal anxiety and depression

Read testimonials from our mums…

There’s much more to it than people realize!

There’s so much more to proper baby massage than most people realize – even other health care professionals. If you’ve not been trained professionally in baby massage, you simply don’t know what you don’t know. :-)

Real baby massage goes far beyond soothing rubs. There are many different strokes done in recommended sequences for particular purposes. It’s important to know what to do, when to do it, and when not; what oils to use, and not (you’d be surprised); when to use stimulating strokes and when to use relaxing strokes… and more.

I'm a Tiny Touch Bub!

Learn the full scope of baby massage from a professional

You should learn to do baby massage fully and properly from a qualified baby massage professional. Tiny Touch offers a full range of courses and supplies for baby massage.

Marilyn is a baby expert

With more than 30 years baby nursing experience, specialized training in baby massage, and four grown children of her own, and now grandmother to three young grandsons, Marilyn is a veritable baby whisperer. She can help you be more confident caring for your baby. Learn more

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Baby Massage is especially good for premature babies

Baby Massage is especially good for premature babies

  • and other babies with special needs
  • something practical you can do to help
  • helps babies with weight gain
  • helps build the immune system
  • aids with lung maturation
  • helps with attachment and bonding

This is especially significant when parents and baby have not had much opportunity for touch and bonding, for example if the baby has been hospitalized for some time. Learn more…