Baby Sleep Advice from Tiny Touch

Surely a baby shouldn’t find sleep so hard?

Lack of sleep is a form of torture, right? Mothers – are you surviving on chocolate brownies and your coffee fix these days? Feel like you can’t get anything done?

Have you become so focused on getting your baby to sleep, you would do ANYTHING for a good night’s rest? Here’s some information and tips to help you out…

Did you know Baby Massage improves baby sleep?

Yes, it’s true. One mother gave this feedback about baby massage training…

“Sleeping improved immediately! After our first massage class my six month old slept through the night. And day time sleeps greatly improved. Highly recommend it! … – Cindy

Babies’s sleep differs to adults

Newborn babies haven’t developed mature circadian rhythms. Their sleep patterns haven’t adapted to the cycle of day and night. Also their sleep cycles are much shorter than adults, so they don’t “settle” for as long as we would like. It may take 3 months or longer for this to happen.

Good news – there are many strategies that can help babies settle off to sleep. Click on the link below for…

10 free tips to a better sleeping baby