Tiny Touch Baby Massage is for sale!

I love teaching mums and dads baby massage, and seeing how it helps them and their babies so much. But I am planning to retire soon, so I’m offering Tiny Touch Baby Massage for sale after 8 very rewarding years.

What I’m offering is…

  • registered business name in NSW
  • website domain www.tinytouch.com.au
  • well established brand name in the baby massage training industry
  • well established website with regular traffic and excellent google search ranking
  • excellent website content and integrated blog explaining baby massage and its benefits
  • integrated ecommerce store to take orders and payments online or via paypal or bank deposit
  • professionally designed brand marketing graphics for web and print – business cards, flyers, etc
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage Facebook page
  • rights to and stock of my DVD training course
  • an explanation of what I’ve done to help you take it over

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Baby Sleep Advice from Tiny Touch

Surely a baby shouldn’t find sleep so hard?

Lack of sleep is a form of torture, right? Mothers – are you surviving on chocolate brownies and your coffee fix these days? Feel like you can’t get anything done?

Have you become so focused on getting your baby to sleep, you would do ANYTHING for a good night’s rest? Here’s some information and tips to help you out…

Did you know Baby Massage improves baby sleep?

Yes, it’s true. One mother gave this feedback about baby massage training…

“Sleeping improved immediately! After our first massage class my six month old slept through the night. And day time sleeps greatly improved. Highly recommend it! … – Cindy

Babies’s sleep differs to adults

Newborn babies haven’t developed mature circadian rhythms. Their sleep patterns haven’t adapted to the cycle of day and night. Also their sleep cycles are much shorter than adults, so they don’t “settle” for as long as we would like. It may take 3 months or longer for this to happen.

Good news – there are many strategies that can help babies settle off to sleep. Click on the link below for…

10 free tips to a better sleeping baby

Mother Conference in Chatswood

The first Sydney Mother Conference is on next Friday in Chatswood! I hope to see you there. I’ll be on my Tiny Touch Baby Massage booth, and the Gidget Foundation booth as well!

“It takes a village to raise a child, Mother Conference brings the village to you.”

Mother Conference will provide mothers with essential advice and information on how to look after themselves and their baby. To register and for more info visit the Mother Conference website

Friday Oct 16th 9am – 5pm, in the Chatswood Concourse (Level 2 Theatre Level) It’s
on Victoria Road opposite Westfield Chatswood.

0411 143 582

Calming Colic by Christian Bates

I am happy to share info about this excellent e-book, Calming Colic", by Christian Bates!

He is an Oesteopath in England that I follow. He explains things like colic and reflux in such a clear way and has so much good advice on how to deal with it. My advice if you have a baby or are expecting a baby download this e-book from his website

He also has quick ways to help your crying, irritable, colicky and not sleeping baby! Free e-report download.

0411 143 582

New Baby Massage Essentials Pack

Baby Massage Essentials Pack

Something new for Tiny Touch!
Often mums purchase baby massage oil from me at the start of the course then at the end they ask to buy the Tiny Touch- LEARN TO MASSAGE YOUR BABY DVD ( It is $10 off for those who take the course) so I thought why not package up everything together in a nice reusable cotton mesh bag and then you have everything you need to get started with your baby massage course.The Tiny Touch ‘Baby Massage Essentials’ pack includes

a high-quality baby massage oil
a ‘Learn to Massage Your Baby’ DVD
a massage steps guide to make giving a baby massage really easy
a comfortable massage matt for the baby to be cosy
The pack comes in a handy cotton mesh bag.
A retail value of $75 on sale for $50.
To Purchase click on Gifts on the Home Page of www.tinytouch.com.au and then click on the picture of the Essentials Pack

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Mother & Luxe Baby Massage blog

I’m getting more and more requests to talk about baby massage on other related websites and magazine.

I recently wrote a guest article titled “Touch is Our First Language – A guide to Infant Massage” on a wonderful mothers blog called Mother & Luxe in which I talk about baby massage, and give some practical steps to doing some baby massage at home.

You can read the article here!

There are many other helpful and interesting articles posted on this site also so have a look around the site.


Practical Parenting Magazine Article

This morning I had a phone interview from a lovely journalist named Tammy Werner-Wilson from Washington DC, The article is about how baby massage can help with sleep, colic and constipation, relaxation, boosting the immune system and bonding with your baby through play.

It will be published in the December issue of Practical Parenting :)

Gentle Hands




Valentines Day is not only about romantic love - it's about families too!

Happy Valentines Day! It’s not about gifts – it’s about connection!

Families can celebrate together. For children in some countries Valentine’s Day is about making little cards for their school friends and celebrating with a special family dinner.

In this generation where everyone is so busy, many families struggle to connect. People are involved in so many activities in isolation from each other. Even children often engage in solo activities, children playing on the computer rather than connecting with family.

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Baby and Beyond Event

This was an event I spoke at called Babies and Beyond at the Tramshed Narrabeen. It was hosted by Complete Chiropractic Dee Why. It was a very informative morning for everyone. There were different speakers all speaking on topics of interest to parents of babies and small children.

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A Mothers Group That Has Lasted 60 Years!

In my jobs as a Neonatal RN, talking with mothers in The Gidget Foundation interviews and teaching mothers Baby Massage at Tiny Touch Baby Massage, I always recommend that they attend their local Early Childhood Health Center Mothers Group when their baby is about 6 weeks of age.

There you can meet others with babies the same age as yours and the friendship and support that you can receive from these other mums can last years. It is a very special time as you are all on a new journey and you really need that support!

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Postnatal Depression Awareness Week 2014

Postnatal Depression Awareness Week is 16 – 22 November 2014. Actually, many are referring to PND as Perinatal Depression, since it can affect both antenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) mothers.

Parenthood can be stressful, most parents experience some form of anxiety. Parenthood especially new parenthood can be a very anxious time. It is not something you can really prepare for. In fact 1-7 Women and 1-10 Men experience Postnatal Anxiety or Depression. They need help and support from others. And encouragement that this is a medical condition for which treatment is available. Luckily there is a lot of support available from many organizations – if you know who to call!

I work part time with the Gidget Foundation on a program that seeks to detect early signs of, or increased risk factors for PND, so that help and preventive measures can be taken.

Baby massage can be helpful for both babies and mothers with PND. Mothers with PND often have problems interacting with their babies. they can be withdrawn, disengaged, not playing or smiling with their baby, as a result the babies can become distressed and cry more which only makes the situation worse.

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Postnatal Depression Awareness Week 2013

November 18 2013 – Re-posted from my wordpress blog

This morning I attended Talks, Treats and Tea at the Narrabeen Tramshed. A Post Natal Depression event put on by Medicare Local/Sydney, North Shore,Beaches. Despite the rain it was a good turnout of mums and babies, and other health professionals including Kathy O’Donnell from Nurturing Hands, Lois Nethery from Northern Beaches Acupuncture, Tresilian, Dalwood Spillsread, Relationships Australia, State Wide Support Services and others.

All with one purpose – to use our expertise and experience to help and support parents and families in their challenging roles as new parents. Katherine Cook a child and family Psychologist gave an interesting and informative talk on Adjustment and Parental Anxiety. Catherine Knox from The Gidget Foundation gave her own personal story on her experience with PND. It was a moving and challenging story.

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Some information on Baby Reflux

Reposted from my Wordpress Blog

The following information has been supplied by the Reflux Infants Support Association NSW

What is reflux?

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (reflux) is the spontaneous passage of part or all of the stomach contents (comprising food and stomach acid) into the oesophagus. The child may experience symptoms such as regurgitation, posseting and projectile vomiting. Sometimes it doesn’t come all the way out of their mouths, and the child may not vomit at all. This is termed “silent reflux”.

Community perceptions are generally that reflux is a common complaint that babies ‘get over’. While in most cases this is true, children can experience a wide range of symptoms, some quite severe, resulting in complications, and occasionally surgery. Symptoms of reflux, such as refusal to feed or prolonged bouts of screaming can be overwhelming.

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How to Make Lactation Cookies

Recently some mum’s in my baby massage classes have been asking for the Lactation Cookie recipe so here it is!! This is a great cookie to eat if you are a breastfeeding mother and need or want to increase your milk supply. This recipe contains some lactogenic foods (foods that increase milk production) such as oats, brewers yeast, and almonds. Enjoy!

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Christian Bates Book - Calming Colic

3 December 2013 Re-posted from my wordpress blog

This is the link for one of the best books on baby colic and reflux out there that I’ve seen – Calming Colic. It is an e-book written by Christian Bates – an osteopath and naturopath from the UK. Well worth a read! Also available in paperback.

On his website he says: If you answer yes to any of these questions then Calming Colic has help for you!

  • Does your baby have colic or reflux?
  • Does your baby not settle into a deep sleep?
  • Do you want more sleep?
  • Did you have a traumatic delivery?
  • Do you have a “hungry baby”?
  • Is your baby constipated?
  • Were instruments used i.e. forceps?
  • Did you have a C-section?
  • Did you or your baby have antibiotics?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Are you struggling with breast feeding?
  • Want to know which supplements help calm colic?

I really recommend it :)

P.S. Baby massage can help with colic too! :-)

A Morning with Lifestart


November 20, 2013 Re-posted from my wordpress blog

I spent an interesting morning today with parents of children enrolled in Lifestart. Lifestart provides early childhood intervention and school age services for children living with disability or development delay, their families and carers.

We had a good time learning baby massage techniques that can help children with different disabilities. It is a wonderful way for parents to relate to their children, improve the quality of their child’s everyday life and help restore the correct tone to the muscles, free the joints and allow a normal pattern of movement.

I got to meet up with a child that I took care of in the Special Care Nursery in hospital. She is now 2 yrs old and doing very well. She has a disability called Noomans syndrome but she is a delightful, happy, bright little girl with so much to give, and a dad who is so proud of her :-)

We talked about how baby massage is listening with your eyes, ears and heart. Baby massage is all about relationships. A quote from Hippocrates that I quite like is:

“Of all things the physician should be good at rubbing,
for rubbing tightens a joint that is loose
and loosens a joint that is tight.”

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New Website based Blog

Hi everyone,
I’m moving my Tinytouch blog from wordpress to my website. It’s a process more than an event, as I learn this new platform, and move the old articles over. Stay tuned. :-)

my wordpress blog
In the meantime my wordpress blog is still online.