Baby and Beyond Event

This was an event I spoke at called Babies and Beyond at the Tramshed Narrabeen. It was hosted by Complete Chiropractic Dee Why. It was a very informative morning for everyone. There were different speakers all speaking on topics of interest to parents of babies and small children.

Sarah from CPR spoke about children choking and gave advice on what to do and tips on how to prevent it.

Justine from Kids Love Good Food spoke about mealtime and how to get kids to eat different foods.

Ondrej from Optimal Learning talked about primitive reflexes that we are all born with. These reflexes should cease as babies grow but sometimes they do not which can cause behavioural and other problems.One of the things his practice does is to determine if the a primitive reflex is still present and how to treat the child.

Hooman from Complete Chiro spoke about childrens posture, the problems it can cause and how it can be improved by chiropractic treatment

And I spoke on baby massage. How learning the techniques of baby massage can be benefitial for both parents and babies and children. It can help you learn to communicate with your child through touch (their first language),you can learn to read their cues, help relieve them of the pain of wind or reflux, achieve deeper sleep cycles,improve their digestion and weight gain and have a fun bonding time with them plus so much more!

There was lots of yummy food and childminding so it was a great morning for all!

Keep an eye out for the next one to be advertised. You shouldn’t miss it.