Valentines Day is not only about romantic love - it's about families too!

Happy Valentines Day! It’s not about gifts – it’s about connection!

Families can celebrate together. For children in some countries Valentine’s Day is about making little cards for their school friends and celebrating with a special family dinner.

In this generation where everyone is so busy, many families struggle to connect. People are involved in so many activities in isolation from each other. Even children often engage in solo activities, children playing on the computer rather than connecting with family.

What better way to connect than a celebratory Valentines dinner together. It can be a simple meal, or even take away. The idea is to get together and spend quality time with each other.

From birth children need attention and touch. It is their first language.

“The dynamic of parent- infant interaction is the most important foundation upon which a child learns about self, and about trust and respect. It is this first relationship that influences the way relationtionships are perceived”

Touch Communication, The power of Infant Massage

By Elaine Fogel Schneider, Ph.D., C.I.I.M

Marilyn the founder of Tiny Touch Baby Massage says “Connection with our children is vital for growth and development “ Massage with babies and children is another way to connect and bond. She has helped hundreds of parents connect with their babies and older toddlers through the techniques of baby massage.

Marilyn’s Tips to truly connect this Valentine’s Day

Set aside time to get home early
Make or order dinner together
Ask the children (if old enough) to set the table, if not ask them to help you
Make it special including serviettes and candles
Make or buy a cake. Heart cakes can add that special touch.
Sit down together and enjoy!