Tiny Touch is for sale

Yes, Tiny Touch Baby Massage is for sale!

I love teaching mums and dads baby massage, and seeing how much it helps them and their babies. But I am planning to retiring soon, so I’m offering Tiny Touch Baby Massage for sale after 8 very rewarding years.

What I’m offering is …

  • registered business name in NSW
  • website domain www.tinytouch.com.au
  • well established brand name in the baby massage training industry
  • well established website with regular traffic and excellent google search ranking
  • excellent website content and integrated blog explaining baby massage and its benefits
  • integrated ecommerce store to take orders and payments online or via paypal or bank deposit
  • professionally designed brand marketing graphics for web and print – business cards, flyers, etc
  • Tiny Touch Baby Massage Facebook page
  • rights to and stock of my DVD training course
  • an explanation of what I’ve done to help you take it over

Who is it for?

Experienced Infant Massage Instructors

If you are already a baby massage instructor, you could benefit from having your own well established professionally designed website and branding up and running “instantly”. I get excellent google search results – google ‘“baby massage sydney” and you’ll see Tiny Touch is at the top of the first page.

Newly trained Infant Massage Instructors

Just starting out with baby massage? Wow, this would help you so much! I learned all this the hard way over the last 8 years. I had a daughter in marketing and a husband in software who helped me on the business side of things, but what a bonus to get a business in a box to start with!

Business minded people working in similar areas

Baby Massage instructors don’t get much training on running the business side of baby massage, and even if/when they do, it is typically not their strength.

A business minded person could use Tiny Touch to potentially grow a substantial business by providing an infrastructure for multiple baby massage instructors. Not only in Sydney, but in other cities and towns as well. The web reaches everywhere!

(My husband suggested we maybe do this together when he retires, but I want to retire!)

How much would it cost?

To pay for all of this at commercial rates would be expensive and typically not achievable for most baby massage instructors, even if they knew what to do.

Even if you could pay commercial rates for it, you can’t buy the expertise or the time to grow the goodwill and google search rankings of an established website and brand name.

We are negotiable about a reasonable price for Tiny Touch.

Contact me to discuss